Asset Insights

Providing insights into the real life performance of your production environment. Bringing you the essentials to achieve continuous improvement in a scalable and cost-efficient way.

C4i insights

From Data To Understanding

By gathering data from your company into a simple toolset, we offer the possibility to gain insights in easily accessible tools. We either integrate these dashboards into your existing products or use what matches best in your current stack: from commercial tools to open-source tooling.

By allowing fast and easy access to large amounts of data, your process knowledge can be utilised to the full extent for optimising and analysing your processes. Examples of tools we use are (depending on the existing stack, complexity and question):

  • Databricks
  • Grafana
  • Power BI
  • Time Series Insights
  • Trendminer
  • ...
C4i conveyer

Type Of Customer

Do you need to make sense of data or do you wish to unify your data insights through an accessible tool? Then this is for you! Depending on your company strategy, existing software stack and budget, we look for the best fit!