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Digitizing your Operations

We offer a single point of contact for industrial projects. Run and managed by people who bring experience in projects in an industrial setting. As such we enable operations - manufacturing - production environments a tangible, transparant and feasible entree to the full potential of industrial digital modernization. Opening up new ways to realise growth.

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What we do

C4i servers

Data Platforms

Delivering market proven solutions to meet your organization's end-to-end operational data needs. We enable the acquisition, storage, preparation, delivery, visualisation and governance of your production data. Without compromising on security for users and applications.

Data Platform
C4i assets

Asset Insights

Providing insights into the real life performance of your production environment. Bringing you the essentials to achieve continuous improvement in a scalable and cost-efficient way.

Asset Insights
C4i analytics

Industrial Analytics

Collection, analysis and usage of data generated in your industrial operations and throughout your entire product lifecycle. Enabling you to make the right decision at the right moment with confidence.

Industrial Analytics
C4i connections

IoT Platforms

Selecting, architecting and developing your connected solution for your own factories or value-added services through our years of expertise.

IoT Platform
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