Data Platform

Delivering market proven solutions to meet your organization's end-to-end operational data needs. We enable the acquisition, storage, preparation, delivery, visualisation and governance of your production data. Without compromising on security for users and applications.

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Common Data Platform

Data is present in an organisation in many shapes and forms and is pulled from a variety of systems:

  • Machines
  • SCADA, Historian
  • LIMS
  • ERP, CRM
  • ...

Linking this data and working effectively with it requires a common set of tools, a common data platform, that allows for the analysis and potential linking of all these data sources. Data is a core asset of every company and making sense of your data and utilising it to increase your throughput and efficiency while removing the repetitive tasks of synchronising your disparate data systems is what we do. Let your employees focus on creating value instead of performing repetitive, error-prone jobs to synchronize your data.

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Type of Customer

Using our building block design we can scale from small SMEs that have specific needs to large corporations that need full managed services. Starting from standardised templates, we offer fully customisable:

  • Data storage and ingestion
  • Analytics and processing
  • Dashboarding and KPI reporting
  • Managed AI platform
  • IoT connectivity

Even for very small projects such as a single machine platform, we have components that can be used. Based on our in-house developed architecture, we tailor a solution to budget and need.