Industrial Analytics

Collection, analysis and usage of data generated in your industrial operations and throughout your entire product lifecycle. Enabling you to make the right decision at the right moment with confidence.

C4i algorithm

Let Your Data Talk

Making sense out of a large quantity of data can be challenging. With our analytics offering we make sense of the combination of data. Starting from a business or process question, we use our experience in industrial processes to map out which data we can use to solve your question. Some examples of this work are:

  • Predicting the next mode of transport of a parcel: Using log data, we predict which transport system is used for incoming packages in a distribution centre. This allows to sort the warehouse more efficiently;
  • Root-cause analysis of influential process parameters: A production line has dozens of parameters and sometimes environmental factors affect the quality of the end product. Using statistical techniques we determine the parameters that are strongly correlated with the quality deviations;
  • Process Control: Using statistical techniques we follow a process and give early warnings when produced goods have a potential to go out-of-spec;
  • Forecasting and planning production: Using historical data and work orders, we optimise the production planning using mathematical algorithms to optimise machine use.
C4i binary flow

Type of Customer

If you have historical data, ERP/CRM data or a problem that warrants data collection because it has a high impact on your business, this offer is for you. Starting from your challenge, we jointly determine the impact of a project and decide on an plan of approach. Based on this plan, we will tackle this challenge together. Examples of systems from which data is used in these projects are:

  • ERP, CRM
  • Machines (SCADA, PLC, Controller)
  • Temporary sensors (environment, vibration, etc.)
  • ...