IoT Platform

Selecting, architecting and developing your connected solution for your own factories or value-added services through our years of expertise.

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Connected Anything

More and more wireless sensors and remote sensing applications are being implemented world-wide. Using such devices has many advantages but also poses many challenges in terms of platform, device management, device lifecycle, ... We help customers who have a need to onboard IoT devices:

  • Select the right platform and sensors
  • Architect their IoT backbone
  • Develop applications or support the internal development team
  • Managed Services

Apart from new sensors many companies are seeing an advantage in offering value-added services on top of products they sell. Be it machine builders or logistic services, using the available data to offer automatic service contracts or insights to customers is a definite win. Furthermore, this data can be used to improve products and other services. Cronos4Industry assists customers in the following manner:

  • Strategic exercises about value-added prodcuts
  • Make or buy applications
  • Platform selection & sensor selection
  • Architecture & development
  • Managed Services
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Type of Customer

Selecting an IoT platform is a challenging endeavour. Usually IoT platforms require a significant investment if used for value-added services. Where larger platforms are usually for customers ready to make a significant investment in their digital transformation, there are also cost-effective means if you only need to onboard a few devices. From SME to corporation, we help select the solution that is the best fit for you!